Materialú║ DX51D-Z275/G300-Z275
Processú║ Stamping/Punching/Bending
Sizeú║ 70*50*2mm
Surfaceú║ Galvanized sheet
Typeú║ Tensioner
Qualityú║ ISO9001 CE
Packagingú║ General standard export packing/Accept customized packaging
Strap Brace with Tensioner, is an easy-touse, flat strap, steel bracing for roofs, walls, ceilings 
and floors. Strap Brace complies with the wall bracing rules of AS1684 Residential Timber-framed 
Construction and has excellent advantages, including: 
Saves on-site labour time as studs do not have 
to be notched. The unnotched studs can often 
be a smaller size and hence cheaper than 
notched studs
Available in long length coils for ease of handling 
and minimum wastage
Easily and quickly tensioned using the Strap 
Brace Tensioner - simply by driving the hex-head 
screw (nutsert option) or turning the wing nut 
(wingnut and t-bolt option). 
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